The chevalier coaching custom Nutrition plan is a personal way of reaching your fitness goals. A “custom” approach is not a cookie-cutter approach. our goal is to have you eating foods that fuel you, recharge you and have you feeling great.


One disclaimer for all participants of our nutrition programs is that all foods are not equal for every client. We take the time to have discovery sessions to discuss options, educate and set reasonable outcomes over time. Chevalier Life and Fitness Coaching, LLC disclaims any liability from allergic reactions or adverse impacts of recommending real food in your meal plan. As we want to help people succeed, a joint-agreement is in-place before moving forward to ensure we take the necessary steps and guidance for success.

Custom Nutrition Plans

  What does that mean?

1. You will receive a simple, easy and custom meal plan based on your macronutrient details

2. You will get an outline of detailed foods that you want to consume, with a set schedule of when to eat (1-5x/day)

3. You will receive a 7-day grocery store list to help with purchasing the right amount of food during this meal planning process 

4. Your macronutrient values are based off of the initial 1:1 discovery consultation

5. You will receive coaching motivation to get you started and answer questions along the way

6. We customize each meal plan with your goals in mind. There is no other way!

Step #1

The discovery Session

During this 30 minute session that you schedule when you are ready, we educate you on your macronutrients and do real-time calculations while on the phone. This is a great opportunity to just ask questions as we compare your daily lifestyle with your nutritional goals. This is typically a video conference call where we view one another. By the end of this meeting, your macronutrients are calculated and we have a better sense of how to approach your nutrition plan.

Step #2

Your Macronutrients

Understanding your macronutrients is key. Now that you have your numbers (protein, carbohydrates and fat), you now understand where those calories are coming from and how they affect your body. It also helps you understand that not all calories are created equal. So now that we have that, what kind of nutrition plan are you looking for? Everyone has a specific goal or may have different food restrictions. Here are several different types of plans that we can tailor to your needs;

  1. Mediterranean Meal Plan
  2. Paleo Meal Plan
  3. Pescatarian Meal Plan
  4. Vegan Meal Plan
  5. Low Glycemic Index Meal plan
  6. Whole-Food Meal plan
  7. Low Carb Meal plan
  8. Weight-Loss Meal plan 
  9. Vegetarian Meal Plan
  10. Gluten and lactose Free Meal Plan
  11. Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan and More……

Step #3

The cost of the nutrition discovery session and the meal plans is $99. This is paid up-front when you book your appointment through Acuity. This investment is nominal in comparison to what you are receiving. We know that nutrition is important, so your detailed meal plan will be delivered to you within 24 hours of the nutrition discovery session (see sample below of a Vegetarian who needs consume ~ 1500 calories/day). After delivery of your meal plan, it is yours.

Step #4

The meal plan/prepping

So you now have the plan in your inbox, it’s time to be compliant to yourself. This takes you listening to your body and taking stock in how you feel. Cooking is fun, meal prepping is challenging at times, but a necessary practice for increasing success. Have you meal prepped before? 

Step #5

Future Plans

Now that you had a meal plan developed by us in the past, we are here to help you with future planning and development of eating healthy. We hope that you incorporated healthy eating into your lifestyle. 


There are always questions. If you have a quick question that you would like answered, share it with us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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