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Frequently Asked

Can I just ask a question?

Use the form to the left and we can start a dialogue before we have a discovery session.

When can I start coaching?

As soon as we get through the preliminary discovery call and have some follow-up questions answers. We are ready when you are.

What's the minimum age you coach?

With parental support, we will coach young men and women who are at least 15 years old. Any coaching of a minor requires the support of the guardian or parent.

Do you have a referral program?

We appreciate you spreading the word about how we can support your friends, coworkers or family. We will definitely show our appreciation if your referral comes our way. Do we have your email address? If not, add it to our distribution list please.

What are the steps to becoming a client?

Determine if you’re interested. That's the easy and hardest part.

Think about it. You’re telling yourself that you need the help and you’re not seeking the help to get to that goal. It’s not easy, but we applaud you for taking this step. The hardest part!!!

Schedule a discovery consultation with us.

We meet virtually to learn more about your needs and introduce our coaching options. Below you can book your session. You will have some homework after this initial consultation. There is an investment fee, which is non-refundable, but will be applied to any package that you purchase within 72 hours.

You’ve decided to move forward. Welcome!!!

This is the starting point. Welcome to the Chevalier Coaching Team. We schedule a follow-up strategy consultation to review coaching agreements, payment set-up, coaching sessions (day/time) and the tools you need for a successful coaching relationship.

We’ll work together to make the magic happen!!!!

That magic entails accountability and getting to the point where we (not just you), start to see tangible results. Literally, it’s magic because it feels unreal at some stages of this growth.

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