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How can we help you during your fitness journey?

During these times, the accountability is not only necessary, it is required. Information sharing is at an all time high and just because a program worked for one person, it may not work for you. Take into consideration, people’s diets, commitment and level of effort varies from person to person. Your fitness coaching is delivered in a custom manner for your needs and this is not a “set-in-and-forget-it” style of coaching. Our accountability is what keeps your compliance high, you engaged and your goals being met.

The Chevalier Coaching Method. As clients are presented to us, we have combined our skills as coaches to collectively approach each client’s needs. Whether it is a life coaching or fitness coaching client, we evaluate each client’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (S.W.O.T.) by asking questions and digging into the best approach for that client. Roadblocks that hold people back deserve strategy and attention to detail and that is what we bring to the table.

You don’t have to figure out this fitness thing all by yourself. Do you have your own Yoda in your corner? If you said, “No!”, let me be your Yoda. Fitness coaching is an essential tool to reaching goals you set out to accomplish.

  • Ever felt overwhelmed about where to start? You’re not alone.
  • Ever started and stopped a workout plan for no apparent reason? You’re not alone.
  • Ever feel like you’re on an island and that you were going nowhere? You’re not alone.

Fitness coaching is to help you not feel alone in your journey. As your personal coach, I will guide you, provide feedback and give you the information that you need to get to your end result. There is no cookie cutter approach, so your goals and the tactics we agree upon to reach them, will be customized for you.

Fitness Coaching options to help you

1. Custom Coaching ($199 - $299/month)

This option is very customer specific and based on your health needs and requirements. If you are injured, have a targeted goal or need additional options based on limitations, custom coaching is best suited for you.

Custom Training programs are developed for;

– Weight Loss

– Increasing Strength

– Compliment Athletic Training

– Improve Overall Health

2. Training Programs ($99 - $145/program)

We have created individual and group-based programs that can be done at home or your local gym. From 21 days to 40 day programs. Visit out Training Programs page for ways to purchase and start when you like. This is our most affordable way to receive accountability from Chevalier Coaching and still yield results in a designated time.

Training programs

– 21 Day Strength & Jump Rope Conditioning

– 21 Day High Intensity Interval Training

– 30 Day – STRONG30

– 40 Day Transformation Program

3. Nutrition Coaching ($99 - $149/month)

Nutrition Coaching is a standard part of our Custom Coaching and Training Programs (no additional charge). Some clients just need nutrition calculations of macronutrients and meal plan assistance. This option can compliment your training as a standalone service for those who want a better way to eat. Check out Nutrition Coaching page for details.

4. Triathlon Coaching ($199 - $349/month)

Triathlon Coaching is very specialized coaching and requires hands-on training in regards to swimming, biking and running. The commitment from a coach and athlete are increased and requires analysis, training feedback, sufficient planning for training and overall client to coach interactions.

Visit our Triathlon Coaching Page for additional information.

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