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This podcast was developed to share, inspire and educate our listeners on information regarding health and wellness. We have experience and experience is the best teacher.

Your Coaches,

Shawn & Nadia Chevalier

The Chevalier Life & Fitness Coaching Podcast

Thank you for checking out our podcast. Our intent is to provide you with information in a short and condensed podcast that is available on several popular podcast services. We try to keep episodes from 10-15 minutes as we know time is a factor in many people’s schedule.

Episode 19 – Your Health Is Your Wealth

Your health is important and we just wanted to reiterate some tips that we think will be valuable as you increase your fitness health. Thanks for listening as always and remember, each day is a deposit into your fitness bank. Keep it up, even if it's just a little...

Episode 16 – Sweat The Small Stuff

Yes, we said it. Sweat the small stuff and build a sense of confidence in yourself while doing so. We want you to enter a new month with these small wins to make you remain in the game. We are all impacted by COVID-19, but that will not steal our joy. So keep on...

Episode 13 – What’s your “New Norm”?

Welcome to a new episode. We are in new times of our lives around the world. So we want to hear from you about ways that you're coping and making the best of your time in isolation.  Yours in health,  Coach Shawn & Nadia ---...

Episode 12 – What’s Your Strength?

We live in a world where our weaknesses are always highlighted. How about we shift that to highlight our strengths and own them. What's your strengths and how do you continue to make them move your forward in this world? Your Coaches, Shawn and Nadia Chevalier ---...