Fitness & Life Coaching

Helping you find joy in the one life we have to live

 The Chevalier Coaching Method

Our method is to work with our clients on their fitness journey and provide customized workout plans and coaching guidance. Although our fitness services vary, our commitment to keeping you accountable is paramount and consistent. Along with the fitness component, we have woven in the life coaching component to help with identifying and removing any obstacles that are prohibiting progress. It is our intention to provide personal attention to each of our clients as we guide you through accomplishing your goals.

Fitness Coaching

You don’t have to figure out this fitness thing all by yourself. Do you have your own Yoda in your corner? If you said, “No!”, let me be your Yoda. Fitness coaching is an essential tool to reaching goals you set out to accomplish.

  • Ever felt overwhelmed about where to start? You’re not alone.

  • Ever started and stopped a workout plan for no apparent reason? You’re not alone.

  • Ever feel like you’re on an island and that you were going nowhere? You’re not alone.

Fitness coaching is to help you not feel alone in your journey. Your personal coach will guide you, provide feedback and give you to information that you need to get to your end result. There is no cookie cutter approach, so your goals and the tactics to reach them will be customized for you.

My Values & Beliefs

I am a family man

Every coach is different. My family brings sunshine to my life and through that journey, I can bring the best to you as a coach.

I coach from experience (good and bad).

There is no exercise or approach that I have not personally endured and tested before presenting to you. In order to be authentic, I will share what works and does not work. We will find the right approach for you.

I believe that in order to do great things, you have to work hard

You can’t move mountains without some hard work. The accountability that we provide is to make sure you accomplish those hard milestones so that we can move mountains together.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching will look at where you are right now, and where you want to be. We will help you discover what your obstacles or challenges might be and will partner with you to help you overcome them.  Through life coaching you will tap into your full potential!  

Life coaching can help you;

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Create a balance in your business and personal life

  • Make key decisions and design strategies for success

  • Build stronger and healthier relationships


Areas of Expertise


Action-oriented Planning

Joy Manifestation Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Stress Management Coaching

Career Coaching

Passive Approach

Meet with me virtually or in-person for one 60-90 minutes session monthly with 30 minute check-in calls each week. During the time when we’re apart, you will have access to me via email and text, for periodic touch points. At the conclusion of the month, we can assess your progress and determine your next steps towards your next milestone. This passive approach is useful for anyone new to coaching or someone who may not need a concentrated package.

Concentrated Approach

Are you aggressively trying to tackle your goals? This is the package for you!! We’ll meet twice monthly for 60-90 minutes sessions, either virtually or in-person. This package also includes 15 minute check-in calls between the longer sessions. We will have an opportunity to deep dive into your goals and together we’ll come up with a plan that works for you. This concentrated approach is for anyone who’s ready to hit the ground running. During the time that we’re apart, you’ll have access to me via email and text, for periodic touch points.