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And the journey will continue 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾40 days ago I started a transformation journey with Shawn and Nadia. What an amazing journey it was. The program was tailored to fit my busy schedule and was appropriate for my fitness level. They motivated me each day to stay focused, provided a meal plan that was easy to follow and the workouts were a perfect fit for my busy schedule. I’m very excited about the results I’ve achieved and want to encourage anyone who wants to take their physical fitness to the next level to connect with this amazing couple. Thank you Chevalier Life and Fitness Coaching, LLC for making a difference in my fitness journey 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Lorna S.

40 Day Transformation Program - Cycle 2

I started with Shawn in 2012, taking boot camp class and transitioned to personal training in 2019. I was looking to incorporate more weightlifting into my workout routine and nutrition tips. The one-on-one attention was just what I needed. Shawn is patient, knowledgeable, professional, and a great communicator. He paid attention to how I was moving, ensuring I had the correct form and I was executing the moves correctly to avoid injury. The workout routines were tailored to my fitness level; they were designed to challenge and take me out of my comfort zone. The nutrition tips over the years have been valuable. I have learned how to eat to live and how to treat my body. With a healthy eating plan and consistent workouts, I am down 16lbs and have lost inches. I am thankful to Shawn for the program that was developed and the constant support over the years.

Lisa W.

Bootcamp & Small Group Training Client


We stress this concept every client. It’s so important that we wanted them to wear it and remember their hard word during this time. Here are some photos of clients in the DISCIPLINE shirt from various cycles. Scroll through and see how awesome our clients are.


Since the start of the COVID quarantine, my company and I have been working out (virtually) with Shawn weekly.  I have been very impressed with not only his knowledge but also his professionalism and positive attitude.  Although we are far from elite athletes, he manages to tailor his workouts to our individual fitness level.  His enthusiasm and energy are infectious making his workout sessions both fun and challenging. I would highly recommend Shawn to help you meet any of your fitness goals.

Rosa L

Virtual Corporate Client, Edwards Performance Solutions

Shawn has being a big inspiration since I started attending his virtual coaching. His coaching covers all aspects of life including physical (exercising), psychological (managing stress), nutritional (cleansing the system with the 3-days juice diet), spiritual (being grateful), and social (taking care of family/friends). I like to jog and I would get very tired when climbing a hill because I did not know how to breathe properly. Now every time I run I remind myself to breathe the way Shawn instructed: inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breathing this way allows me to climb hills more easily and I can run for hours without being exhausted.

Shawn challenges me to go the extra mile and he helped me develop useful habits. He is the best Virtual Coach ever!!!!


Virtual Corporate Client, Edwards Performance Solutions

As the pandemic caused gyms to close in the Baltimore Area in March, Shawn offered home based workouts, training, dietary recommendations and spiritual fitness tips to keep morale high. The home workouts he put together are intense body weight based workouts allowing me to do them without having access to a gym. It forced me to focus on whole body fitness instead of just weightlifting. Shawn also showed me stretches and gave me dietary tips to improve my running ability, and reduce the impact of my sciatica. These stretches helped me loosen the muscle around my back and legs that were squeezing my sciatic nerve. As a result, I went from running 18 minutes and 30 second two miles in March, to running 16 minute two miles by the end of June. With Shawn’s fitness tips, workouts, and the motivation he provides for me to run I feel ready for the new Army Combat Fitness Test, and also feel prepared to resume competing in club track and field. I have lost 10 pounds working with Shawn remotely, going from 205lbs to 195lbs from March to July. I appreciate Shawn taking the time every morning to help Edwards employees keep their morale high and stay fit during the pandemic as we continue to work remotely.

Marcellus W.

Senior Penetration Tester, Edwards Performance Solutions

At the beginning of the COVID quarantine, when gyms were closed and many of us were glued to the TV watching the news and binge eating, Shawn started a virtual coaching session. Shawn encouraged us to get off the sofa and get moving. As a team we had short work outs which lead to a virtual 5K and a 2 month long commitment to walk, bike or run for either 100 or 250 miles. We also talk about eating properly, managing stress, and dealing with children. Shawn is full of positive energy and ideas to make your day better. I have really enjoyed the coaching sessions and as a result I am more active than ever. 

Kathy C.

Project Manager, Edwards Performance Solutions

I was needing some extra motivation to incorporate healthy eating and fitness back into my routine and found that encouragement from Shawn. Every morning he was there cheering our team on even during the first few months of our state’s stay-at-home orders when all I wanted to was well, nothing at all. He provides very clear instructions and resources for every fitness level and concern and was very helpful when I had questions. I especially liked that he encourages a plant-based diet which I’m also interested in personally. I will not hesitate to recommend him for anyone seeking that gentle nudge to get back off the couch and put your health back in your control.

Rebecca D.

Project Manager, Edwards Performance Solutions

Shawn has an amazing gift for making daily fitness motivational, fun, and accessible. He has great tips for using tools you have at home to work out. His positive attitude is empowering and infectious - he has a holistic approach to wellbeing and life in general. Our group looks forward to every session to start our day. With Shawn’s coaching, we challenge and encourage each other. We have tackled virtual races together, and as a result, I have established and now look forward to a daily walking habit. He has definitely been key to surviving and thriving during the coronavirus. Thank you, Shawn!

Mary H.

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