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What is a USA Triathlon Coach?

Coach Shawn is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, awarded by USA Triathlon, the national governing body for the sport. This rigorous certification and ongoing education means that Coach Shawn not only brings his experience of over 10 years as a triathlete, but also possesses the latest in technology, sports science, and methodology. The USAT certification also gives you the assurance that Coach Shawn is insured, has undergone a background check, and is equipped for your safety and well-being.


You are here because you desire to be a better athlete or want to try something hard. You long to push yourself farther and faster to achieve a goal, even if it seems unreachable right now. It’s the first ingredient.

Desire is the starting line.


A desire is a fantasy without mutual commitment and discipline. As you commit to training, Coach Shawn commits to you. It is a promise. Working together, your discipline is the real muscle to strengthening your mind and body through training. 

Discipline is the real muscle.


Desire + discipline equals success. For you, success will be different from the athlete running alongside you. Success is defined by you, as you push towards your personal best and beyond.

Success is the light and the reward at the end of the tunnel.

Triathlon is a multisport that requires a higher level of commitment

My Coaching philosophy is based upon my experience as an age grouper but also, the belief and understanding that you (the athlete) is a person who can be the athlete that you want to be. In order to reach exceptional levels, we will focus on the basics and master them. Many athletes/friends that I have met, make the decision to change their lifestyle. The lifestyle and mentality of a triathlete is one who is dedicated, determined and humble because triathlon is a one-person sport.  As your coach, we will work together as a team to tackle this sport of triathlon, which I have grown to love.

My story starts with the desire to do something that I thought I would never do. It was to swim in a lake as an adult and complete a sprint distance triathlon (.06 mile swim, 17 mile bike, 3.1 mile run).

In order to do so, I had to learn how to swim as an adult in the pool, practice open water swimming at the beach and get used to being uncomfortable. I completed my first sprint triathlon in 2010 and I have never looked back.

It was the best athletic decision that I made and with Nadia’s support, I have taken that courage to complete countless sprint, olympic, half distance (70.3) and 5 Ironman distance races (140.6). I share this because many people will doubt themselves, but the desire to succeed will propel you to do your best when no one is looking.  

I credit my success to my first coaches (The Serpico’s) because their knowledge increased my confidence. Coaches are invaluable and serve as a guide to doing something new, challenging and that requires endless practice. 

Coaching is not just for elite triathletes. People who compete at all levels in triathlons need guidance, support, and direction. Many triathletes are busy working adults, who want to make the best use of their limited time. Coaching is for anyone who wants to train safely, effectively, and maximize the gain for their effort.

​In order to get the process started, Chevalier Coaching provides full coaching services including:

  • Consultation to determine goals and race plan;
  • Custom training program;
  • Unlimited communication;
  • Race strategy development;
  • Development of heart rate training zones;
  • Discounts on Chevalier Coaching multisport gear and more.

We take into consideration all aspects of your life when designing a training program that is customized to you and your specific needs. You have the opportunity to give detailed information to me regarding your health, athletic history, time constraints, and goals. It is my job to take the pieces of the puzzle and make them fit together. No two training programs are alike because no two athletes are alike. Each workout will have a specific purpose and will move you closer to your individual goals. The guesswork and “junk” miles are removed from the equation. We focus your training program and hold you accountable for your workouts.

It is inevitable that events such as: illness, unexpected travel, work, or family responsibilities will affect your training. You have a busy life; let us take responsibility for adjusting your training so you won’t miss the important workouts. Coaching requires constant analysis and adjustment to be effective. We not only create a training program for you but adjust it as necessary to keep you on track and moving forward. We know what to emphasize, when to go hard, when to go easy, and when to take time off.

So what do you use for clients to build plans?

All clients will have their plans created in TrainingPeaks (TP) for tracking and analysis. Workouts will be delivered in blocks that are agreed upon between client and coach. TP has several features available that will be discussed and maximized for each client’s needs. We are confident that using TP will help with daily planning, organization and compliance.

Triathlon Coaching Package

Triathlon Coaching ($199 - $299/month)
  1. Detailed Customized Race Distance-specific Training Plan in TrainingPeaks (updated in advance)
  2. Monthly Phone Conversations to assess past training and future goals
  3. Unlimited email interaction
  4. Continuous support and connection to resources to help with skills and issues
  5. Race Nutrition support (pre-season, race season, etc.)
  6. Race day support (if local)
  7. Equipment advice (athlete-specific)
  8. Preliminary Swim video analysis 
  9. Constant evaluation of swim, bike and run data

 Note: Additional details will be discussed during the discovery consultation.

The Basics to Swimming, Biking & Running – Things to think about

Basic Swimming Approach

We will have to evaluate your swim. 

  • If you’re not a swimmer, how can we get you started and the best way to get you there (eg. Group lessons, private lessons, specialized training, etc.)
  • If you are a swimmer, evaluating your stroke and getting a baseline of where you are today. In order to improve, we have your starting point to see the gains over time. 
Cycling Approach

We have to evaluate your cycling. 

  • If you are a cyclist, how can we get you in a rhythm to continue cycling. 
  • If you do not have a bike, discussing the ways to get one and the best tools for cycling. 
  • Once a bike is established, getting a baseline of where you are on the bike and developing base fitness levels. 
Basic Running Approach

We have to evaluate your running.

  • If you are a runner, evaluating your run form, pace and overall fitness. 
  • If you are not a runner, how do we get your started and primed for success. This will entail evaluating your shoes, gear and tools for running and capturing run data. 
Basic Triathlon Approach

Triathlon is a fun sport, but it requires putting all sports together in order to be successful. In order to go from swim to bike, there is a transition (referred to as T1). In order to get from bike to run, there is a second transition (referred to as T2). In training, you will experience brick workouts to get your body used to going from one sport to the next. As your coach, those workouts are a part of your training and essential to getting familiar prior to your race. 

Also note, as you progress throughout the race, you’re still fueling yourself in order to have the nutrients you need to sustain your fitness throughout the race. While triathlon is fun, it is strategic and as your coach, we will iron out the kinks in your training.

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