Shawn & Nadia Chevalier

Our Story

In Queens, New York is where our story began, back in High School. With over 25 years of love and friendship together, we’ve grown as individuals, parents and friends. By day we are Information Technology/healthcare professionals, but our passion is in coaching others to succeed at their goals. Over the years we’ve developed master tools to keep our clients accountable, as they successfully reach new milestones. Our years of experience has helped us build a solid friendship, a spiritual bond with God, a happy family and now a joint coaching business. We look forward to working with you, as you strive to reach new heights.

Our Values & Approach

We respect your time

We know that your time is precious so if you’re spending it with us, we will respect that. We take the time to do our research in advance so that when we are working with you, our time is well-spent and productive.

We want to see you succeed

We are your accountability partners. We genuinely care and when you win, we all win. So we will call you out because that’s what we all need. We are known for keeping others consistently accountable and you are no different. This is what we do. Let us serve you.

We have proven systems that work

We have used test groups for our fitness programs. We have gone through trial and error to filter out the waste. We will bring you our best programs and customize for your needs.

Nadia Chevalier

I am the life partner to Shawn Chevalier, and the mother to three young angels. I come to you with several years of coaching both personally and professionally. With almost 10 years as an IT professional, I have had to use my natural ability to connect with people on a variety of levels. Long before I became credentialed, I was a “Life Coach” to colleagues and friends alike. My hearts desire is to see others win at life and do the things that brings them joy. This passion is what fuels me in my coaching services. I not only have developed my coaching skills, but my ability to listen and retain information is uncanny. With me as your coach, you are guaranteed to receive; undivided attention, a sounding board, a listening ear, a confidant and a Coach that will help you achieve your goals. I look forward to working with you to take your “wish list” and make it an action plan. Book your appointment today!

Shawn Chevalier

As a coach for over 10 years of my own outdoor bootcamp program, I found enjoyment in seeing people achieve their goals. As a husband and father, life gets busy and setting personal goals became more real as I started to see myself as a client trying to find balance. Throughout my coaching career, I made a commitment to never give up on myself and aim to do hard things that made me see my potential. I continue to grow, and living an active lifestyle has opened many doors to leading my healthy family, influencing my village of friends/family and most importantly, continuing to help people near and far take ownership of their health.

Coaches need coaching too and I was able to utilize a swim coach to learn how to swim and tackle my first triathlon. That experience built a confidence in me to finish 5 Ironman triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) and countless endurance events. Coaches can teach you, share experiences, guide you, uplift you and tap into that potential that you may not know existed.

As we work together, my role is to encourage your growth, help you lead a healthy lifestyle as you influence those who you come in contact with. I bring years of experience that is not cookie-cutter, but personal to your needs and I look forward to Nadia and I keeping you accountable with your action plan.